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What is PagePack?

PagePack is a managed print service available through Easy I.T’s Easy MPS, provided by Fuji Xerox

The service is a simple to use easy to manage Cost Per-Print Program that enables a true solution to the customers printing needs. It consists of an all-inclusive service agreement in one simple monthly plan.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistency – Fixed costs versus variable – whatever the coverage
  • Simplicity – Single point of contact for supplies and service
  • Ease of Use – Ordering and Invoices from single source
  • Reliability – Regular billing to effectively budget and manage printing costs
  • Peace of Mind – Complete visibility of total printing costs
  • Flexibility – Contracts can be customized for each customer
  • In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs.

For most companies the ongoing cost of office printing-cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service-is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings.

Easy I.T. can show you how to capture those savings. The next generation of our Managed Print Services MPS, will improve productivity and dramatically reduce your company’s cost of printing.

It’s simple. Easy I.T. MPS gives you the big picture. With visibility of your whole network, you can control and manage your resources more efficiently. Easy I.T. are an Authorised Fuji Xerox MPS Partner, the Fuji Xerox MPS support tools manage over 2.5 million customer’s devices throughout the world, MPS is a proven solution that can reduce your print and copy expenses by up to 25 percent-or more.

You can scale our MPS solution for your team, department, or company-wide requirements. With centralised management of your networked print devices you can balance business needs with budget realities.

How much can you save?

Industry estimates show you can save on average 25% of your direct printing costs by moving to a managed print solution. Companies on average spend between 3 to 6% of their total revenue on printing and document management (Gartner Market Research).

For a comprehensive estimate of your potential savings just ask Easy I.T. who is a Fuji Xerox Authorised MPS Partner for an assessment of your networked print environment. We will design a solution optimised for your specific print, copy, scan, and fax requirements. Compare it with your existing situation. Easy I.T. will help you select the solution most advantageous to your business, balancing costs, capabilities, logistics, and labour. The solution includes proactive monitoring to fine-tune your print environment over time, and to predict and avert potential equipment downtime.


How flexible is the Easy I.T. MPS solution?

Very flexible. Easy I.T. can design a solution for any group of printing devices on your network. Our comprehensive solution supports all brands of networked printers and multifunction printers-monochrome and colour.

Key Benefits of Easy I.T. Managed Print:

  • Cut costs on printing consumables, service, and your cost-per-page.
  • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation.
  • Reduce waste by ordering the supplies you need with no “leftovers.”
  • Free up IT resources for more business-critical tasks rather than installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.
  • Ensure devices stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and lifecycle management.
  • Increase uptime by automating meter reads and supply ordering.
  • Control and forecast budgets accurately by setting your printing and supply costs up-front.
  • Visibility into print activity and trends allows you to take control of printing costs.
  • Customise: No matter what networked print devices you have, Easy I.T. have a solution for you.

How does Easy I.T. MPS improve our print environment?

Simplified accounting. Easy I.T. will provide you with a monthly, itemised invoice for the number and type of prints made across your print fleet. Everything you need to accurately review, reconcile, and forecast your office printing budget. Cumulative data helps you identity excess printing trouble spots and make appropriate adjustments.

A fixed cost-per-page. In an unmanaged environment, every document printed uses a variable amount of ink or toner. You pay a different price for every print. Service calls are unpredictable and typically support minimum thresholds for multiple service vendors. With Easy I.T. MPS all your variable expenses are consolidated. Customers pay a fixed cost-per-page that reduces your overall expenditures.Ease of use, peace of mind. Easy I.T.

MPS also saves soft dollars by simplifying ordering and vendor management of multiple suppliers. With PagePack there’s no need to keep an inventory of supplies on hand. You get next-day delivery whenever any device requires more. With our Fuji Xerox MPS print monitoring software you get real-time visibility of your networked print fleet and can order supplies or service online from a single, dedicated supplier.

How much support is available?

Service and support. Easy I.T. via FujiXerox have a network of Authorised Service Partners across Australia able to support you and offer maintenance, on-site service and technical support to ensure that you get dependable, professional printing when you need it.

Customised for your needs. Whether you’re looking for cost savings on device acquisition, ongoing print costs, high-volume, or high-coverage printing environments, Easy I.T. will design a solution that fits your needs.

You printing devices are already networked. Why not take advantage of today’s technology and bring the next level of efficiency, cost savings, and management to your company’s print environment. Contact us<http://www.easyit.com.au/about-us/contact-us/> to discuss how you can control your costs and add efficiency into your business.