Client Testimonials

Principal Greenfields

When we first met Jeremy from Easy I.T. many years ago, we found him, his services and how he operated to be very professional. He was a good communicator and he knew what he was talking about.¬†Easy I.T.’s quick response time is the most important thing to us. They provide solutions that work and solve our problems. Some time ago we had to replace our server and Easy I.T. managed to seamlessly transfer everything over to the new server for us. If we have any problems now, they log in and attend to them remotely.


Daniel Levy Financial Services Lawyers

Rezeko Pty Ltd

With a background in business, I understand the value and importance of business referrals. Easy I.T. came highly recommended to me and because of their great service I have referred them to many other businesses in the past and continue to do so.

Jeremy Gumley is the director of Easy I.T. and is very knowledgeable, competent and flexible. They can do almost anything when it comes to IT engineering and we use Easy I.T. exclusively for all our IT engineering needs. Jeremy is very trustworthy and I have no regrets in having chosen Easy I.T. They are reliable, reasonably priced and easy to work with.

Erwin Abbinga CFO

The CEO Circle

Reliable and efficient IT systems are critical to our business success. Easy I.T. understands our business and we rely on their professional opinion and suggestions to keep us informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in technology. We have a very successful relationship with Easy I.T. and we look forward to continuing this long into the future.

John Karagounis CEO

Ajax Engineered Fasteners

We are a demanding customer and I don’t know how he puts up with us sometimes but over the years we have built a very strong and trusting relationship with Jeremy Gumley, the director of Easy I.T. They have saved us money in certain areas of our business and have significantly reduced our stress levels at the same time. We know we can trust them with our work so we just let them get on with the job.

Easy I.T. appreciates our level of understanding and knows how to communicate in a language that isn’t too technical for us. We appreciate the level of services and the fact that every call we make to them is taken seriously.
We are now able to operate our business better and no longer suffer any major down times because of the preventative measures and ongoing actions that Easy I.T. takes.

We have used Easy I.T.’s services exclusively for years and have no regrets about choosing them because they provide the IT solutions for our business needs. They offer good value for money and we recommend Easy I.T. to other businesses on a regular basis.

Donna Payne National Sales Manager