With Easy I.T., business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness is something that is accomplished automatically.

Once your continuity and disaster recovery plans are in place, Easy I.T. systematically delivers seamless backup and storage, and in the event of a disruptive event allows for virtualisation of your machines and data on the Easy I.T. servers.

In the Easy I.T. business continuity and disaster recovery services nothing is left to chance. All of our systems are synchronized to leverage the greatest advantage to our clients in the event of hardware breakdown, power outage, or natural disaster.

Easy I.T. offers business continuity and disaster recovery services through these trusted partner solutions:

  • ShadowProtect – Shadow Protect solutions are utilized worldwide to quickly and reliably back up, restore, and migrate Windows desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • Veeam – Veeam is the developer of software that allows for backup, disaster recovery and virtualization management. With the application of Veeam software, Easy I.T. replicates your data and machines to our data center and can make them available in case of an unexpected, interruptive event.

The partnerships that Easy I.T. has formed allow us to offer these valuable advantages to your business continuity and disaster recovery plans:

  • Offsite storage – having storage that is geographically distant from your place of business is a vital part of a good continuity / disaster recovery strategy
  • Licensing – The cost of licensing for the software solutions that we utilize from our partners is included in our monthly recurring fee.
  • Virtual environment capability – in the event of a disaster an Easy I.T. customer could boot up their entire office on our servers. (Additional fees would apply)

Because unexpected and catastrophic events come without warning, proactive business leaders like yourself have engaged the business continuity and disaster recovery services of Easy I.T. We offer a straightforward and streamlined service to backup, store, and if necessary, restore and reboot your entire office in another location. For Easy I.T. preparedness is an essential part of a holistic approach to business IT.

You can’t afford to take chances when it comes to business continuity. Trust the experts at Easy I.T. to make sure you’re covered when things don’t go as planned. Call us at 1300 327 948  or send an email to info@easyIT.com.au.