The security and stability of your business’ data and online interaction is Easy I.T.’s top service priority.

We have gone to great lengths to bring the most effective security solutions to the table so that you can operate free from the stress and worries of cyber threats.

What is included in Easy I.T.’s Security package?

  • Managed Antivirus – keep your computers and network running virus free!
  • Managed Firewalls – keep hackers out and your data safe!
  • Managed AntiSpam – save the time and effort of wading through junk emails!

Through our partnerships,Easy I.T. can offer penetration testing or ethical hacking. This allows your company to know your vulnerabilities and proactively remediate.

What can Easy I.T. do for your email experience?

  • Encrypt your email to keep your vital content from criminals or the competition.
  • Secure your email with business-grade email solutions.

What can Easy I.T. do for your wifi experience?

  • Secure your wifi with business-grade protocols
  • Set up your wifi for compartmentalized access for employees and visitors

In the fast-paced, ever-changing, global environment cyber-security has become and will continue to be a very real area of concern for businesses like yours. With Easy I.T. on your side proactively dealing with vulnerabilities before the threats emerge, you can rest easy knowing that everything possible is being done to secure your valued data assets.

For IT and cyber security that makes a difference reach out to Easy I.T. at 1300 327 948  or email us at Our team can help you make sure you have the appropriate security in place and risks and potential threats are minimized.